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Horse Riding Private Lessons - Individual
Wagga Equestrian School offers individual private horse riding lessons for both adults and children. Private lessons are perfect for adults who want to increase their level of confidence, or work on improving a particular technique. Individual lessons are also a necessary starting point for first time riders and ideal for beginners who need hands-on assistance to learn initial horse riding skills

Shared Horse Riding Lessons - Maximum of 3 Students
Shared horse riding lessons encourage children to try harder and are fun to do with a friend! As soon as a rider can ride independently and rise to the trot, they are eligible to share a lesson with someone of a similar level. If your child does not have a friend who is at a similar riding level this is a great opportunity for them to meet a new like-minded horsey friend!

Lesson Days & Times
Horse riding lessons are available during school terms from Monday to  Saturday from 8 a.m. until dusk

 Lesson Type Half Hour One Hour
Private Lesson $40 $70
Shared Lesson Groups of 2-3 $30 $50


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